Tours Based out of Bellingham, WA. with strategic locations in greater Washington.

The idea for a Bigfoot Adventures Tour Company started many years ago. Since childhood we have been fascinated with the unknown, exploring the fields and forests, mountains, oceans and deserts in the Pacific Northwest. Trying to “adult” our passion for pushing the limits has led us to high seas and storms while commercial fishing the North Pacific, backcountry snowboarding in the Cascade Range, climbing Mayan Towers in Central America and maintaining work camps on the North Slope while battling temperatures in the -50’s. A lifetime of charter fishing and working on yachts from Alaska and Canada to the Bahamas is proof positive we love showing people the very best of the wild.

Then, in 2017, we (Joey and Ray) joined forces with a vision to push the limits for an experience designed to rock people’s wildest imaginations. Due to our personal past experiences beginning with a sighting of a Sasquatch in 1982, and more recently to hearing a Bigfoot “Yowl” and finding a 17 ½ inch track, we felt a strong passion to bring people into the areas where Bigfoot have been spotted, heard, or their tracks found, with the sincere attempt to help our guests find their own sense of wonderment about these amazing creatures and increase their chance of a “Class A Encounter”.

We have been fortunate enough to have met many sincere and articulate people who have also encountered Bigfoot. They have agreed to meet with our clients on certain tours and personally share their stories. Now, couple this with some of the most spectacular and ruggedly beautiful country made, along with our desire to “Adventure Like You Give A Damn” with you, we offer an epic experience for you, your family, and your friends.