Tours Based out of Bellingham, WA. with strategic locations in greater Washington.

Joey Sternhagen, Owner and Guide.

– Joey, Owner/Guide, grew up exploring in the woods, riding motorcycles, and eventually living on a commercial fishing boat with her family.   Adventure is entirely a lifestyle for her, rather than a destination.  Surfing, snowboarding, off road motorcycling, camping, skateboarding, fishing, skydiving, cliff jumping and travel exploration became her life. This became even more prevalent in adulthood as she raised two daughters, dragging them through Alaska, Canada, Mexico and all the way down through Panama on the quest for steeper mountains, bigger surf and deeper water.  In between her excursions, she worked in the service industry, catering weddings, planning events, managing restaurants and tending bar.

Then, when her kids had grown and were chasing their own thirst for adventure, she left for the ocean.  Her 100 ton captains license sent her to Alaska to run charter boats, happily taking guests out on their ‘bucketlist’ fishing adventures or chasing whales and dolphins.  She traveled thru Canada, Florida and the Bahamas working on high-end yachts.   

  Her abilities range from docking a boat in heavy seas, creating and serving beautiful gourmet foods, or troubleshooting a motorcycle engine, to mixing a perfect manhattan.

Now, Joey and Ray have embarked on the ultimate adventure. They have created an extreme tour they feel lucky enough to share with like-minded, wilderness loving folks, chasing Sasquatch and exploring on motorcycles.  This tour has been years in the making and includes a lifetime of locating and researching secret waterfalls, hidden trails and impossible vistas. Ray and Joey have had numerous encounters with Bigfoot and have met a plethora of friends on the way who have SO many of their own Bigfoot stories they wish to tell.

It would be a shame to miss it.

Owner/Guide Ray Kolean, raised in Western Washington, at 18 years of age eschewed a full scholarship and instead pursued his dream of moving to Alaska.  Commercial fishing, logging, and loading freight onto small planes “in the Bush” eventually grew into self-employment allowing him the pleasure of showing out-of-state visitors the incredible beauty of Alaska. He operated a 27-year

Ray Kolean, Owner and Guide

career charter sport fishing business and also a successful adventure motorcycle tour in Alaska.  After selling these businesses, Ray joined forces with Joey several years ago to begin an adventure which melded passion and job together. This was in part inspired by attending a BFRO (Bigfoot Research Organization) Expedition in British Columbia which brought like minded individuals together to study the legendary creature who is spotted more in the Pacific Northwest than any other part of the world.

Ray’s personal experiences in the creature’s habitat, including a face to face encounter with a large male Bigfoot, inspired a lifetime of pursuit.  More recently he has had two more exciting bigfoot experiences while exploring the back country with Joey.

This brought about The Bigfoot Adventures, an adventure tour which will take you into the back country and wilderness to locations where Bigfoot has been seen, heard, or tracks found.

You won’t want to miss this.