Tours Based out of Bellingham, WA. with strategic locations in greater Washington.

The Bigfoot Adventures Tours

Are you ready to depart for a wilderness adventure with your guides into Bigfoot Country, exploring places this elusive creature has been seen, heard, or his tracks found? Your guides have spent a lifetime researching these locations and interviewing locals to find riveting stories that are fascinating and compelling. The Pacific Northwest is known for its striking rugged beauty and it’s plentiful wild game, mountains, streams, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, big timber, old growth Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar. We take you off the beaten path in our desire to show you Bigfoot habitat.

Nightime Tour

A nocturnal adventure deep in the forest in search of Sasquatch.
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One Day Tour

A daytime Sasquatch search based out of the Bigfoot Research Van.

Multi Day Tour (two or three days)

Jump in for the ultimate Bigfoot adventure with the highest odds of success.

Half Day with Bigfoot

A full 5 hour trip learning techniques to increase your odds of seeing Sasquatch!


Meals: tour participants are responsible for their own meal purchases.  Every effort will be made to be sitting down at remote wilderness lodges during regular meal times.  Water and coffee will be provided at no charge and available at our plentiful stops along the way.

Weather: Inclement weather may be encountered, this can impede scenic views or cause some roads to become impassable due to high water or snow.

Bigfoot on bike:

No tours have been scheduled as of now. for more information regarding motorcycle tours, please feel free to contact us.