Tours Based out of Bellingham, WA. with strategic locations in greater Washington.

          Half day with BIGFOOT           a full 5 hour trip exploring bigfoot country  $99

– Explore potential Bigfoot Habitat with frequent stops, looking and listening.

– Learn techniques that have proven to lure in Sasquatch, and attempt to call one in.

– Learn to cast a track (your guides will teach you!) and examine a cast track taken by a deputy sheriff believed to be made by a creature one of the owner/guides had a close encounter with.


– Practice tracking techniques with experienced guides and get the chance to check game cameras we have placed to try and get footage of this creature!


– Build a fire and use night vision and thermal imaging to see any creatures (including us) nearby


– Get the hang of legitimate Bigfoot screams and wood knocks to try and get a response.


– Enjoy meals along the way and exchange stories of Bigfoot encounters with your guides.